• Would you like to stock or serve Baker Tom’s Bread?

    We supply many restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, farm shops, box schemes, caterers, street-food companies, and independent retailers, delivering to most postcodes in Cornwall and many in Devon and further afield (Mon-Sat deliveries).

    If you are interested in Baker Tom’s supplying your business, please call 01209 218 989 or email orders@bakertom.co.uk.

    You can download our full ingredients list here ->  Baker Tom’s Bread Ingredients List 24. We also bake Christmas and Easter seasonal items.

  • Behind Baker Tom’s Bread is a team of skilled speciality bakers, who handcraft our products. Our bakers shape all our bread by hand before allowing the loaves to rise and prove slowly, which naturally enriches the wholesome flavour. Because of this, our deadline for orders is 10am, 2 days in advance.

    We use only flour, water, yeast and sea salt to make a dough, with no additives, or preservatives. When required, we use fresh, local, organic ingredients in our flavoured breads, wherever possible. Pre-sliced bread is available.

    Please note we have an open bakery environment and for allergen purposes Sesame, Nuts and Mustard Seed are present.

  • White Loaf

    Classic everyday recipe, keeping it simple with flour, salt, water & yeast.

  • 100% Wholemeal

    Nothing added, and nothing taken away. This high fibre bread is as tasty as it is wholesome.

  • Classic Sourdough

    A new recipe, made with three flours and Baker Tom’s own sourdough starter. This long fermented, yeast free loaf is full of moreish, tangy flavour with a golden crust and open crumb.

  • Seeded Sourdough

    A rich, nutty flavour - with a punchy, sour tang - enhanced by a 7-seed mix and pumpkin seeds. This long fermented, yeast free loaf is a wholesome source of good fats and omegas.

  • Malthouse

    Just like a granary but a lot tastier. Great with a knob of butter, cheese, and pickles. Come in Small & XL tin loaves.

  • 100% Dark Rye

    Long fermented and made with a rye starter (yeast free), this moist bread is low in gluten and high in fibre.

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia

    A tasty and wholesome bread, lighter than 100% wholemeal (made with half wholemeal and half white flour) and baked in a tin. A great family bread.

  • Garlic & Parsley Focaccia

    Our classic focaccia recipe but with fresh garlic oil mixed through the dough and finished with fragrant parsley.

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia

    Classic Italian flatbread studded with rosemary, sprinkled with sea salt and finished with olive oil. Perfect for dipping or a doorstop sandwich.

  • Ciabatta Stick

    Classic Italian slipper bread made with a pre-ferment over eight hours, developing flavour and an open texture. Great for creating tasty sandwiches and to dunk in soups.

  • Rustic Baguette

    A traditional French recipe using French flour. Slow fermented, with a sourdough starter and a small amount of yeast to bring out a light texture.

  • Brioche Rolls

    Sweet, enriched brioche bun that makes the ultimate burger.

  • Brioche Hot Dog Roll

    Our popular glazed brioche roll in a hot dog size; a perfect barbecue or event pleaser.

  • Ciabatta Roll

    Handy rolls for hot and cold sandwiches, with a satisfying crust and open, soft crumb texture.

  • Bit of Both Wholemeal Roll

    A wholemeal and white mix roll, perfect for sandwiches for all the family and serving with soup.

  • Soft White Roll

    These essential soft white rolls are ideal for bacon butties and the tastiest sandwich.

  • Croissant

    A French patisserie classic, a simple yeast-risen dough, layered with butter, and rolled like a scroll. Enjoy fresh out the oven with butter & jam.

  • Raspberry Croissant

    A twist on the classic croissant. Filled with raspberry jam and is a vegan recipe

  • Pain aux Raisins

    Made with leavened butter pastry with raisins and shaped in a spiral with a satisfying custard filling.

  • Pain au Chocolat

    Crispy and golden with a Callebaut chocolate centre ... these delicious treats are a delight with coffee for a simple, yet delicious breakfast.

  • Cheese Scone

    Light, fluffy and full of cheesy goodness.

  • Saffron Bun

    Cornish Saffron bun: the Cornish answer to the tea cake. Rich yeasty mix with currants and saffron.

  • Kernow Curl

    Our take on the Chelsea bun, perfect with a dap of creamy butter. Made with egg-enriched yeast dough flavoured with lemon peel, cinnamon and spread with a mixture of currants, brown sugar and butter.

  • Plain Scones

    Tom’s classic scones are soft, fluffy and delicious; serve them with lashings of butter or Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream and Baker Tom’s jam.

  • Wildflour Cake Selection

    We have a range of cakes available for wholesale from Wildflour Bakery, including Vegan and Gluten Free options. Speak to the orders desk to find out more.