• We are committed to being better. Whether this is lowering our carbon emissions or minimising waste, we are regularly reviewing every aspect of the business and how it is affecting the environment around us.


    Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We chose to use a fully plastic film on our flow-wrapped products. We are doing everything we can to support deposit return schemes (DRS) with recycling pods in our shops and at our offices and main bakery. The plastic wrap can be given back to our drivers for us to recycle or taken to any soft plastic recycling at major supermarkets or recycling centres.


    We encourage wholesalers to have our bread ‘naked’ as much as possible. Reducing the amount of plastic we use in the production process is the best way to help bring consumption within the company down.


    We can only fix the problem of plastic pollution if we educate ourselves constantly. We try to eliminate as much waste as possible by calculating the amount of bread that needs to be baked to order. As well as working with companies like 'To Good To Go' and local charity's to give our next day bread or any overs to people in need.