St Pirans Day: Celebrating Cornwall

St Pirans Day: Celebrating Cornwall

St Pirans Day (Gool Peran in Cornish) is celebrated on 5th March every year. St Piran is the Patron Saint of tin miners, and with our County being steeped in tin mining history it’s the perfect time for us to celebrate all things Kernow.

As a Cornish bakery we take huge pride in our heritage and we have a range of Cornish-themed products we’re very proud of.


Saffron Buns

A traditional Cornish treat bun! Our saffron buns are made with authentic saffron (it’s soaked for 24 hours prior to being added to the dough and this gives the buns that distinct golden hue). Enjoy toasted with some butter and a drizzle of honey.

Did you know the Cornish community have been baking saffron buns since the 1800s and it’s known locally as a ‘tea treat bun’.

St Pirans Day Saffron Buns

Kernow Curls

One of Tom’s best known creations and a favourite with our regular shop customers. Our Kernow Curl is a Cornish take on the Chelsea bun (but much bigger!) with an egg-enriched yeast dough, lemon peel, cinnamon and plenty of currants, not to mention the brown sugar topping. This is a seriously indulgent treat and the perfect accompaniment to your St Pirans Day party.St Pirans Day Kernow Curls

Cheese Scones

We bake a range of scones but our cheese scones deserve a special mention for St Pirans Day. We try to incorporate local ingredients into our products when we can, so the fact that our cheese scones are topped with Davidstow mature cheddar, makes them even better. We add black pepper and mustard to our scones for a slight kick.

Did you know Davidstow cheddar is produced in a small Cornish village and they’ve been making their famous cheese for over 70 years.St Pirans Day Cheese Scones

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