The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Breakfast Toast

The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Breakfast Toast

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. At Baker Tom's shops, we believe that every day should start with a delicious, locally sourced breakfast. Whether you’re a fan of the sweet or the savory, we’ve got the perfect toppers to transform your morning toast into a gourmet experience. Let’s explore the delightful array of products you can find at our shops, all locally produced and bursting with flavour.

# Rodda's Creamy Real Cornish Butter

First and foremost, no toast is complete without a generous spread of butter. And not just any butter—Rodda's Creamy Real Cornish Butter. Renowned for its rich, creamy texture and authentic taste, this butter is a staple in Cornish households. Made from the finest milk, Rodda’s butter melts perfectly over warm toast, creating a velvety base for any topping you choose.

# Baker Tom’s Strawberry and Raspberry Jam

For those who lean towards the sweet side, Baker Tom’s Strawberry and Raspberry Jam is an absolute must-try. Crafted from the juiciest, locally sourced strawberries and raspberries, this jam captures the essence of summer in every spoonful. Its perfect balance of sweetness and tartness makes it an ideal companion for your morning toast. Spread it thick and savour the burst of fruity goodness.

# Baker Tom’s Marmalade

If you prefer a zesty kick to start your day, Baker Tom’s Marmalade is your go-to topper. Made from carefully selected citrus fruits, this marmalade offers a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess. Its vibrant flavor and slightly chunky texture provide a refreshing contrast to the rich butter and crispy toast. A spoonful of this marmalade is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of mornings.

# Freda’s Smooth Peanut Butter

Peanut butter lovers, rejoice! Freda’s Smooth Peanut Butter is a locally produced gem that should not be missed. Known for its creamy consistency and rich, nutty flavour, this peanut butter is made from the finest peanuts, with no added preservatives. It’s smooth, spreadable, and perfect for those who enjoy a protein-packed start to their day. Pair it with banana slices or a drizzle of honey for an extra special treat.

# Ninemaiden Cornish Honey

Speaking of honey, Ninemaidens Cornish Honey is the crown jewel of natural sweeteners. Produced by local bees that forage in the beautiful Cornish countryside, this honey is pure, golden, and bursting with floral notes. Its smooth, liquid texture makes it an ideal topper for toast, adding a touch of natural sweetness without being overpowering. Whether you drizzle it over butter or pair it with peanut butter, Ninemaidens Cornish Honey is sure to elevate your breakfast experience.

The Perfect Toast Combinations

To inspire your next breakfast, here are some delightful toast combinations using these exceptional products:

1. **Classic Butter and Jam**: Start with a layer of Rodda’s Creamy Real Cornish Butter, topped with Baker Tom’s Strawberry and Raspberry Jam. The creamy butter and fruity jam create a timeless, delicious pairing.

2. **Citrus Delight**: Spread Rodda’s butter on your toast and add a generous layer of Baker Tom’s Marmalade. The rich, creamy butter balances the bright, zesty marmalade perfectly.

3. **Nutty Honey Bliss**: For a protein-packed treat, spread Freda’s Smooth Peanut Butter on your toast and drizzle with Ninemaiden Cornish Honey. The combination of nutty and sweet flavors is simply divine.

4. **Fruity Peanut Butter**: Combine Freda’s Smooth Peanut Butter with Baker Tom’s Strawberry and Raspberry Jam. This sweet and savoury mix is a favourite for kids and adults alike.

5. **Butter and Honey Harmony**: Keep it simple yet delicious with a spread of Rodda’s Creamy Real Cornish Butter topped with a drizzle of Ninemaiden Cornish Honey. This combo is pure, buttery heaven.

At Baker Tom's we take pride in offering you the finest locally produced toppings to make your breakfast toast truly special. From the creamy richness of Rodda’s Real Cornish Butter to the natural sweetness of Ninemaiden Cornish Honey, our products are crafted with care and passion. So, why not visit us today and elevate your morning toast with these delightful, local treasures? Your taste buds will thank you!

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