Bread CAN be healthy

Bread CAN be healthy

Looking for a healthier bread option? Alongside our Organic range, we have some customer-loved healthier bread options.


Organic 100% Rye

Low in gluten and high in fibre, our rye is long-fermented and yeast free (made with a rye starter).


Organic Seeded Sourdough

Enhanced with a 7 seed mix, yeast free and long-fermented. A great source of good fats and omegas.


Organic 100% Wholemeal

A great high fibre option! Nothing added and nothing taken away, just a good wholesome loaf.


White bread can be healthy!

Our Organic white tin loaf only has 4 ingredients - Organic flour, water, sea salt and yeast. That's it! No additives, sugars or other ingredients you wouldn't want to find in your bread. White bread tends to get a bad reputation, but if you choose to buy from a bakery who make simple loaves with no added chemicals, it can definitely be a healthier option.

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